Arisaig, August 2015

I’ve lived in Scotland now for almost 10 years and there is still a lot of this country I’ve not seen. Which is kinda weird seeing as compared to Australia there isn’t a real lot to it. This year though in the beginning of August (2015) we decided to go check out some of the west coast past Fort William where we rented a cottage in Arisaig for a week with the kids, dog and the Mother in Law.


This place was quite a suprise. We were well guided by some friends on area on what beaches to go to and things to look out for. The beaches up here are just fantastic and when the sun’s out you have a hard time believing you’re in Scotland!

20150811_133855839_iOSI’m pretty sure that our westie dog Peggy ate half of the sand up there and we brought the rest of it back in the car, but it really was a good relaxing time. You can take a boat trip out to the offshore islands and see seals, whale sharks and dolphins. The food in the dog friendly pub was quite good and Arisaig had a fantastic resturant called The Old Library were I had one of the nicest steaks I’ve had in a long, long time.