New Guitar!

Over the last few years I’ve been taking Phoebe to dancing classes on a Saturday morning and as you do you end up talking to the other parents also sitting there waiting for these childs to finish doing Flash Dance or Thriller or what ever it is they do in that other room in the church hall. This weekly event has gotten me a new friend – another dad – who happens to play guitar. Not only can he play but this bloke collects guitars, does them up, makes them real nice – it’s wonderful. I could spend DAYS at his place playing the guitars – it’s heaven.

After leaving what was my ‘music period’ way back in 1998 or so I’ve not really shown a lot of interest in ‘that sort of thing’ since. Sure – I’ve played in a few bands here in Scotland but in all honestly I’ve never really taken it very seriously at all, mainly resting on my laurels and certainly not making it a priority in my life what so ever. But just recently talking and jamming with Matthew has once again lit a wee flame of genuine interest in my favourite original interest: Guitar playing and making music.

To the point where last weekend I went and did something I’ve not done for a very long time if not ever. I bought a brand new guitar from a proper music shop. Matthew and I, putting on our bullet proof vests, took a trip over to Glasgow to Guitar Guitar.

For a little while now I’ve felt I really wanted a ‘metal’ guitar – I’ve got a very nice made in Japan Squire Fender Stratocaster which is all very well and good for most things – but I was thinking along the lines of grunty humbuckers and Floyd Roses. So I wanted to try out a LTD KH-602 model (Kirk Hammet Metallica) – and I knew that they had one in stock there and I’ll tell you right now. It. Was. Shite. It honestly felt like a £100 guitar not a £1000. Bloody awful it was – neck was sticky, frets were rough, one of the pickups wasn’t working well and it was very very …bland – bleh. So back to the wall of 100’s of guitars it went where i spotted this:


A black flame mapel translucent topped LTD model (only newly in according to the very helpful and cool sales bloke). Active EMG pickups, Floyd Rose Special, 24 XJ frets. I plugged this in and knew it was love at first sight.

Unlikley looking fat bloke plays thrash metal in Glasgow guitar shop…

It’s grunty, it’s squealy, it’s ‘wheedily wheedily wheedily WAHH WAHH WAHH waaaaaaaoooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaah!’

This thing just about plays itself. So now….it’s mine:

Happy man is happy