Nov 3rd 2015 / Joe Satriani / Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Ever since I heard ‘Surfing with the Alien’ (1987) Joe Satriani has been one of my guitar heroes and I got the chance to finally see him in concert this year over in Glasgow. A friend of mine here in Edinburgh (also a guitar nut) bought us tickets WAY back in February this year and to gear up for Joe I bought all 15 of his studio albums including his latest release ‘Shockwave Supernova’ and listened to them over the proceeding months.


Joe of course was nothing short of superb; ripping of all his greats with ease ‘Surfing with the Alien’, ‘Flying in a Blue Dream’ and even a encore of ‘Big Bad Moon’ – pretty much the only song of his with vocals!

What was a very cool thing though was his accompanying guitarist – Mike Keneally:


Man that old dude can play – sometimes guitar and keyboard AT THE SAME TIME! It gives an aging old fogie like me hope!